Solaris 11 local IPS repository

How to create Local IPS repository

I will show you how to create a local IPS repository using the script provided by Oracle, first we need to download the repository zip files along withe the checksum file and the install script, copy the files to a temporary location on the server and execute the install script, this will create the repository on the location you’ve specified.

Then I will show you how to configure pkg/server service to publish the repository using http.

You can download the install script and other files from below url.


Once you download the files, you need to create a server to be used as IPS server, you can follow my previous post and install Solaris 11 and add an additional disk to the Server, we will use this disk to hold the repository.

We will boot the server and connect to it using mobaxterm or similar utility and upload all the file we’ve downloaded earlier.


Label the disk we added earlier.

Create a zpool using the new disk, this will be used for IPS repository.

Change directory to the location we copied the files.

Rename the install script since we downloaded it as a txt file, set execute permission and execute the script with below parameters.  (/ips is the file system we created earlier and -c option for checksum verification).

./ -d /ips -c


We need to configure pkg/server service to publish the repository.

I prefer to use a different port than the default port which is port 80, I’m setting it to 8888.

svccfg -s pkg/server setprop pkg/port=8888

We need to set the inst_root to the file system we created, which is /ips.

svccfg -s pkg/server setprop pkg/inst_root=/ips

After setting parameters we will enable the service.

svcadm refresh pkg/server

svcadm enable pkg/server

Then we will verify the status of the service using below command.

svcs pkg/server

After that we will verify the repository using web browser, we will open the location and search for a package.

Creating an IPS repository using the script provided by Oracle is a simple process. I will show you how to apply incremental updates to the repository in a later post.


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